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Utility and Support Services

Adequate infrastructure and support services are a critical component of the economic development program in Barbour County.  Subsequently, these are just some of the reasons why a business might be attracted to Barbour County.  Location, excellent infrastructure, low crime, great environment, and a fine quality of life are all attributes of the area.  The Barbour County Development Authority strives to attract and retain businesses that provide jobs with a decent wage and benefits for the residents of Barbour County. 

The Barbour County Development Authority conducts annual retention visits with many of the businesses in Barbour County.  This provides us an opportunity to better understand the business, their products and suppliers, ancillary services, issues that may be affecting their production, identify opportunities for expansion and be aware of issues that may affect their future in Barbour County.  To better understand our businesses and for tracking purposes, we also refer to the West Virginia Manufacturer’s Register for additional information about these types of businesses.

The Authority maintains a close working relationship with local utility companies and ancillary businesses.  These strong relationships prove beneficial when an issue arises and a prompt response is necessary to alleviate an issue which might ultimately impact the long-term future of the business in the County.

In addition, the banking industry plays a vital role in the economic development arena.  Barbour County is home to three local banks:  First Central Bank, Freedom Bank and BC Bank.  All three banks are represented on the Development Authority Board and frequently work together to support economic development efforts.  All three banks have an excellent reputation in the local community for supporting entrepreneurial endeavors and business expansion opportunities.
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