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The Barbour County Development Authority is committed to improve both the economic and community development in the County and will continue in the future to concentrate on the creation and retention of jobs as its primary target.

The Barbour County Development Authority continues to work diligently to promote community and economic development for our community.  We strive to attract new businesses, retain existing businesses and promote entrepreneurial development.  We are partnering with local, regional and state organizations in an effort to support the employability of all local residents and improve the ethic of our workforce.  While our challenges are significant, we believe strongly that our opportunities will lead to a stronger economy for the future of our community.


The Barbour County Development Authority (BCDA) envisions a future where there is shared economic prosperity coupled with a lifestyle that makes the county a desired residence for its citizens and welcomes visitors and future citizens.  From the natural resources industries to technology start-ups, the county will be diversified and employing our people.  From thriving businesses to active communities, the county will be collaborative and always improving.  From strong educational opportunities to a proven workforce, the county will be ready to act on opportunities and meet the challenges both today and tomorrow.


Strategic Plan 2010-2013.pdf

LED - Annual Action Plan 09-10.pdf 


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