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Labor Force

The labor force in Barbour County has been regarded as hard working and highly dependable by existing industry.  In February 2010, the civilian labor force in Barbour County had shown an increase from February 2009 of approximately 170 persons.  Approximately 7,070 persons were employed in February 2010 compared to 6,900 one year earlier.  Although the overall civilian labor force seems to have increased, the unemployment also rose during this time from 9.4% in February 2009 to 12.1 percent in February 2010.  A portion of this significant increase may be related to poor weather conditions present in February 2010.

In 2007, Barbour County had a per capita personal income of $23,252.  This figure ranked Barbour County 42nd in the state and was 79 percent of the state average, $29,385 and 60 percent of the national average, $38,615.  The 2007 per capita personal income reflected an increase of 4.7 percent from 2006.  The 2006-2007 state change was 5.2 percent and the national change was 4.9 percent.  In 1997, the per capita personal income of Barbour County was $14,970 and ranked 45th in the state.  The average annual growth rate for the state was 4.3 percent and for the nation was 4.3 percent. 

It is not uncommon for Barbour County residents to travel outside of the county to work.  In fact, according to data provided by the Bureau of Business and Economics at West Virginia University, approximately 55% of Barbour County residents actually work in the County.  The remaining residents travel primarily to neighboring counties for employment.  In fact, 2000 Census data indicates that the mean travel time for Barbour County workers is 28 minutes.  The figure most likely remains accurate.

The Barbour County Development Authority works closely with the Region VI Workforce Investment Board, the West Virginia Bureau of Employment Programs and the Bureau of Business and Economics at West Virginia University for accurate and up-to-date labor and employment data.  To the extent possible, data is also collected by development authority representatives during business retention visits.


Barbour County Labor Shed - 2009
Residence State- County Name Total
Total Labor
Unemployed Persons Unemployment
Rate - %
Barbour Co. Labor Shed Total 246,958 111,785 103,579 8,206 7.3
   Barbour Co. WV 15,758 6,774 6,172 602 8.9
Harrison Co. WV 68,911 30,933 28,867 2,066 6.7
Marion Co. WV 56,706 25,990 24,423 1,567 6.0
Preston Co. WV 30,247 15,237 14,141 1,096 7.2
Randolph Co. WV 28,390 12,507 11,377 1,130 9.0
Taylor Co. WV 16,328 6,952 6,442 510 7.3
Tucker Co. WV 6,812 2,840 2,509 331 11.7
Upshur Co. WV 23,806 10,552 9,648 904 8.6

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